Monday, August 20, 2007

Background Structure

As alluded to in a previous post, the paper topic of "Clustering Algorithms for Web Applications" warrants the specific consideration of a number of interelated areas of research. Structuring the background section of the paper which has been structured into three primary sections:

1. Text Mining
1.1 Text Mining Introduction
1.2 Text Mining Process
1.2.1 Data Pre-Processing
1.2.2 Text Mining
1.2.3 Result Interpretation and Refinement

1.3 Text Mining Algorithms, Evolution and Evaluation
1.4 Text Mining Software Design

2. Clustering
2.1 Clustering Process
2.2 Clustering Theoretical Framework
2.3 Clustering Algorithms
2.4 Cluster Representation
2.5 Result Interpretation and Refinement
2.6 Clustering Development and Evaluation

3. Clustering in Text Mining
3.1 Clustering Algorithms in Text Mining
3.1.1 Clustering Algorithms in Text Mining Introduction
3.1.2 Clustering Algorithms in Text Mining Evolution and Evaluation

3.2 Clustering Algorithms for Web Applications

This section of the thesis is intended to set the context and provide a platform for the remaining sections. Considering the above structure provides a snapshot of where this paper sits in terms of previous contributions and illustrates my approach to the topic.

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