Monday, October 29, 2007

Treatise Summary

The following image provides a summary of the work I undertook for my undergraduate engineering treatise. It attempts to answer and reconcile the following questions:

1. What I did?
2. How I did it?
3. Why I did it?
4. What were the outcomes of clustering?
5. What were my conclusions?


Anonymous said...

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Temo said...

Hi Adam,
I was looking into the lingo clustering algorithm and found your post.

I'm very interested in finding out more about the results of your comparision of lingo to other clustering algorithms.

Please contact me at temo at devblaze dot com .


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Hemanth.We are doing "Hierarchy of Document clustering using relative sets " project.can u help me regarding how to solve the problem of stemming..?? reading docs in short span of time..!!!!